A multimedia project exploring the Atlantic Rainforest in Recife, Brazil. 

Funded by the NGO STR Brasil, I reported on a stretch of Atlantic Rainforest for a year, located in the urban setting of Recife, in Northeastern Brazil. I filmed, photographed and wrote about the daily conservation and animal release activities. One of the best ways we can help nature as human beings is to offer her space and time, and a large part of my work involved capturing nature's development over days, weeks, months.

I also followed the River from its protected source to the mouth of the sea, crossing the city and its favelas. The same river goes from being crystal clear, drinkable water, to being so toxic that bathing in it, let alone drinking it, will make you severely ill, even kill you. I discovered at first hand how the vulnerability of our ecosystems impacts on human society, and in return, how fragile and unequal societies make our ecosystems vulnerable. It's a vicious circle.

Finally, I reported on another form of marriage between Nature and Man: Art. I followed the development of Monolithic art pieces designed to be placed across the stretch of forest. Installing valuable Art in the reserve served as a way to further protect it.


Special thanks

I would like to thank the founder of the conservation project, 

Roberto Viana Batista, for the profoundly transformative opportunity he gave me. I will always be grateful. I would also like to thank all the wonderful people working at STR, especially Josiel Vasconcelos.

During my time in the reserve, I was trained in photography by Carol Sachs, a highly talented and deeply sensitive photographer - now a friend for life.

Following my time in the rainforest, I won a competition, “Ton Défi Jeune”, run by the city council of Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis, France. The grant I was awarded allowed me to follow a documentary-making course and acquire the skills I needed to turn hours of footage from the rainforest into a film, which was then screened in the city council, libraries and local schools. I sincerely thank you for your support.

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